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A reliable online accounting solution that any business will need to grow further. It has explicitly designed to cater the specific
accounting needs of small business owners and accountants. Reliacc efficiently manages your business accounting
in a systematic way and helps you to organize your finance from anywhere, anytime. Reliacc is convenient way to keep track
of Income and Expenses of your businesses and also the outstanding payments that needs to be collected.
Reliacc facilitates easy to use and hassle-free financial management without endless files and documents. Hence it
becomes easy for the business owners to maintain their own accounts without having accounting knowledge.

•  Sales.
•  Purchase.
•  Banking & Accounting.
•  Inventory.

Few Key Benefits
•  Accessibility from anywhere, any location and multiple logins are huge plus of the systems.
•  Easy to use.
•  Speed up the day today accountings tasks like invoicing, billing and bookkeeping.
•  Automatic billing.
•  Keep eye on Inventory with the help of stock alerts.
•  Professional looking Easy invoicing along with automatic scheduling.

Seat Booking


Admin panel – Administrator can add update delete show/drama/play. Aslo can tracker the member list

Dynamic seat booking – User can book the ticket for a specific show at any point of time. Required price details will be visible to the user.

Theatre layout – Entire seat chart based on the place/Theatre will be displayed which dynamically shows the available seats for specific

Payment Integration – Seat charges will be deducted with online payment gateway integration with multiple banks


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is developed to manage the routine business process, also to automate many business
activities, functions related to technology, services and human resources. It assimilates business operation, including product
planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, etc. Infoaim serves small medium enterprises with pool of talented
resources which helps the customers to speed up the tasks more efficiently and more effectively.